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CFPs, CFAs, MBAs, plus a plethora of real world experience, are brought to bear to provide you with the level of service and expertise you expect, no matter where you are now in life, business, or career.  And we've made a commitment to perform these services at No Cost to You.  Our goal is to grow your wealth  - not destroy it with fees.

Do you currently eNJOY these benefits & guarantees?

See the questionnaire below to see if your current financial strategy offers any of these benefits.  if not, and you want one that does, LET'S TALK.


Now that we've met and/or exceeded your expectations, all we need to do is implement the plan so you can relax knowing your future is even better than you imagined it could be.

We are not a "one and done" team.  We will review your financial situation every year, or more regularly if needed, to help ensure you remain in your optimal financial position now and in the years to come.


We'll identify where your wealth is currently allocated, how it's performing, what benefits it currently offers you, and get to work to fill that income gap.

  • Perhaps your investments are placing a present or future tax burden on you that could be alleviated with a change in strategies.
  • We'll go at your pace, allowing you plenty of time to think it over, discuss it, and meet again until you pass "the sleep test" and are ready to proceed.​

With all the choices and options of where to put your money these days, it can get quite confusing and overwhelming. Here's a great way to narrow down what you're looking to achieve with your hard-earned funds, and whether or not we'd be a good fit in growing your "financial garden" together.

1. Your money increases by a contractually guaranteed amount each year.    

    Yes         No       I want that

2. Your principal doesn’t lose value due to a stock or real estate market crash. 

    Yes         No      I want that

3. Your plan is administered by a company that's been in business over 160 years and is so rock-solid, that it’s never failed to pay a

    dividend in over 160 years?     

    Yes             No      I want that

4. Once credited to your account, both your guaranteed annual increase and any dividends you may have received are locked in – they don't

    vanish because stocks or real estate tumble.
    Yes             No       I want that

5. You have peace of mind knowing that your growth (as well as your principal) are protected by built-in guarantees and by tax law.
    Yes             No       I want that

6. You don't have to depend on luck, skill, or guesswork in choosing the right stock, mutual fund or other investment, because you know your

     money is guaranteed to grow each and every year.
     Yes            No       I want that

7. If you pay for major purchases by borrowing your equity from your plan to pay cash for these items, and then pay your it back with

    interest (just as any lender would require), you could ultimately recapture most or all of the interest you'd otherwise pay to financial

    institutions, but that you would never see again, had you taken out a loan instead.
    Yes            No        I want that

8. When you pay for things as described above, you could also recapture those dollars in your plan, so you can use them again, essentially

    becoming your own bank to borrow, repay, and borrow again and again - all with no credit check.
    Yes            No        I want that

9. Your plan comes with tax advantages. Cash grows tax-free.  And dividends, which you can use in a variety of ways, are not taxable until

    they exceed your "cost-basis," at which point you could switch to borrowing against your "cash value" tax-free, as long as the policy

    remains in force (as spelled out in IRS Tax Code, Section 72).
    Yes            No        I want that

10. You are in control of the equity in your plan, and you don't have to sell or liquidate your plan, investments, or assets to get your hands on

      your equity.
      Yes            No        I want that

11. You can borrow your equity in the plan and use it to buy things or to invest in anything you want, while your plan continues to grow as

      though you never touched a dime of it.  Like real estate, you can't lose your place on the exponential curve by taking equity out.
      Yes            No       I want that

12. You don't have to pin your hopes for a secure financial future on Monte Carlo theory, luck, skill, or guessing games. You can predict the

       minimum guaranteed value of your plan in any given year (less any outstanding loans you've taken from the plan), as well as the

       minimum annual income you could take from the plan and for how long.
       Yes            No      I want that

13.  You can't be turned down for a loan (as long as you have equity in the plan), and you don't have to fill out a credit application to get


       Yes            No       I want that

14.  If you take out a loan and reduce or skip some loan repayments, you won't get a black mark on your credit report or harassing calls from

       bill collectors. In fact, if you can choose not to repay the loan at all (it will simply reduce the amount you leave to your heirs).

       Yes            No       I want that

15. You can have access to your equity in the plan to provide retirement income – when and how you want it – with no government penalties

      for "early" withdrawal, or for waiting "too long." There are also no penalties for taking out "too little" each year and no mandatory annual

      "minimum withdrawal" requirements that are typical of traditional retirement plans (and without the restrictions of 401k withdrawal rules).
       Yes           No        I want that

16. Your plan has a guaranteed value at "maturity" and passes to whomever you choose income-tax free, according to current tax law (IRC

       Section 101).
       Yes           No        I want that

17. The money in your plan may be protected from creditors and lawsuits and not considered as an asset when applying for college funds

      but is considered an asset on your books as a business (consult with legal counsel to determine what's applicable in your state).
      Yes           No        I want that

18. Your plan is not dependent on government-sponsored programs like Social Security or Medicare, both of which are predicted to go

      bankrupt. You also don't need to depend on an employer to keep their pension or retirement plan promises, because this can be used to

      create your own pension plan.
      Yes           No         I want that

19.  It makes your other assets work more efficiently, and you can use it to replace those other assets, allowing your use and enjoyment of

       them in retirement, and still leave a legacy behind.
       Yes          No         I want that

20. You know exactly what your wealth will be - guaranteed -  for the rest of your life, all the way to age 121 (if you should live that long!).

       Yes          No         I want that

If you answered "I want that" to any (or many) of the questions above, and you'd like to get started, enter your name and email below.  Upon request, I'll also send you 8 Common Places to Free Up Cash.  (Don't worry.  I hate spam, too.  And I'll never share your email with anyone.  I promise.)


We'll identify your biggest concern(s) such as:
When can I retire?
I have assets, but I need cash!
I'm afraid I'll run out of money before I run out of breath.

There are 2 types of income you need in retirement:

  • Expense income to cover monthly expenses, taxes, maintenance and repairs, and the unexpected, such as needing a car repair or a new roof on your house.
  • The other is lifetyle income to do the things you want to do and enjoy, such as traveling, buying that boat, going on a cruise, or whatever you've wanted to do but didn't have the time!


We'll get to work to find financial vehicles that will get you to your desired income destination. 

This can often be done without taking a penny out of your pocket, but simply by reallocating where your funds are and putting them into financial solutions that surpass what you wanted in retirement income.

Each strategy that will get you to - or even surpass (which happens routinely) - your retirement income goal will be explained in detail, along with supporting documentation, as to why it's a great option for you and the many benefits it offers..

wendy "THe Financial LYon"

​Disclosure Statement:  The material provided here is for informational use only.  The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of any life insurance company.  This information is not a substitute for obtaining legal, tax, or other professional advice from a qualified, independent advisor. You should not rely solely upon this information in making any decision to buy a product from any life insurance company.  Wendy Lyon is insurance licensed in the following states: CA, GA. This is not an offer or solicitation in any states where not properly licensed and/or registered.  [CA License No. O1O9071; GA License No. 3102106; NPN No. 16813596]

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